It’s a Miracle! Man Sees Image of Donald Trump in Bathroom Floor Tile


A Midlothian, Virginia man found an image of Donald Trump in his bathroom tile.
trump tile floor
Clayton Litten asked the workers remodeling his bathroom if they also saw the image and they all agreed.
It’s Donald Trump.

Litten asked: “What are the odds? One in a trillion?”
It’s a sign!

Clayton Litten says he was sitting on the toilet looking at his newly installed tile floor when he noticed the “Trump tile.”

Upon realizing the pattern on the tile resembles The Donald standing with arms folded he said to himself, “This cannot be. There’s no way.”

He’s not the first person to find Trump in an unexpected place. Others have spotted Donald’s likeness in butter, corn and pastries.

There have also been reports of Donald Trump’s face in butter.

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