Mass Murderer Omar Mateen Is Buried in Dedicated Muslim Cemetery in Florida

omar mateen

Mass murdered Omar Mateen, who slaughtered 49 people at a gay Orlando nightclub, was buried in a Muslim cemetery in Florida. Omar’s father Seddique told reporters to refer to CAIR for comment. reported:

The final resting place for the body of Orlando nightclub mass shooter and Fort Pierce resident Omar Mateen is less than three hours from where he lived.

Mateen is buried in the Muslim Cemetery of South Florida in Hialeah Gardens, which, according to its Facebook page, is the only dedicated Muslim cemetery in Florida. His body was prepared for burial at Riyadh Ul Jannah Funeral Home in Hialeah, according to his death certificate issued Wednesday afternoon. Calls to the cemetery and funeral home were directed to the owner, who was not available for comment.

Mateen’s father, Seddique Mateen, would not confirm at his home Wednesday any information about his son’s burial. Instead, he provided a phone number for who he said is his attorney.

A phone call to that number was answered by Wilfredo Ruiz, communications director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Ruiz said CAIR doesn’t represent the Mateen family. CAIR, he said, is acting in a spokesperson role for the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce, a mosque on West Midway Road that Omar Mateen attended.

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