Islamist Killer Omar Mateen Shared Penis Pics on Gay Apps

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Islamist killer Omar Mateen shared penis pictures on gay apps. He reportedly used Grindr and Adam 4 Adam looking for men.
The Deccan Chronicle reported:

Omar Mateen, the 29-year-old shooter, who sparked off an outrage across the world with the inane Orlando killing was reportedly gay and shared his penis pictures on varied dating apps. He also tried to make a move on one of his friends who was not out of the closet then. According to the friend, in an attempt to woo him, Mateen once approached the former saying, “If you were gay you would definitely be my type.”

As quoted in a Daily Mail report, Mateen’s friend said, “He asked me whether I was gay and because I wasn’t out at the time I said no after which Omar said if you were gay you would definitely be my type.”

Mateen often frequented gay clubs and apps in order to pick up men. Grindr, Adam 4 Adam were some of the apps which the shooter often used. He used to share penis pictures on the apps and had also subscribed to few of the gay clubs’ pages. Besides, he was often seen in one of the most talked of gay clubs in Florida, Pulse hitting on men, buying them drinks. He had a particular style of striking conversation with men, said a drag queen who performed in the aforementioned club.

Though Mateen’s friends and other witnesses have confirmed his sexual orientation, his wife and father’s account are at loggerheads. According to his wife, he could have been gay as he liked visiting clubs. Further, his gesticulations and lifestyle bear testimony to his alleged sexual orientation.

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His supporters in Syria probably wouldn’t go for that.

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