Hollywood Moonbat Meryl Streep Dons ‘Orange Face’ to Mock Donald Trump

Meryl Streep

Leftist movie actress Meryl Streep recently mocked Donald Trump by trying to dress up as him and wearing ‘orange face’ during a presentation of Shakespeare in New York’s Central Park.

Entertainment Weekly reports:

Meryl Streep dons a fat suit and orangeface as Donald Trump

Further proving there’s no role she can’t tackle, acting legend Meryl Streep has gone from complete Margaret Thatcher to full Donald Trump, sporting messy hair, a low-hanging red tie, a fat suit, and comically-applied self-tanner as the Republican presidential nominee during a Monday evening appearance in New York City.

The three-time Oscar-winning actress took the stage in her Trump getup alongside her Mamma Mia! costar Christine Baranski, who was dressed as Hillary Clinton, at the annual Shakespeare in the Park Public Theater Gala event at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park.

If anyone in the entertainment field had donned blackface to mock Obama at any point in his presidency, they would be rightly blacklisted by the entire industry and would never work again.


Somehow, this is acceptable because Trump is a white male Republican.


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