Here’s Why Recent Polls Which Favor Hillary Shouldn’t Panic Trump Supporters

Donald Trump and Hillary

Democrats and their allies in media are waging psychological warfare on Trump supporters. Every day brings a new story about divisions in the GOP or a bad poll for Trump. This is all being done by design.

Their goal is to depress enthusiasm for Trump but the truth is that many polls over sample Democrats. So far, this is a neck and neck election and that’s bad news for Hillary.

DC Whispers explains:


Why Polls Show More Concern For Hillary Than Trump

The Mainstream Media and Establishment Republicans are making a great deal of noise over recent polling data suggesting a “Trump Slump” is in effect as Hillary Clinton enjoys an average +5 advantage over Donald Trump.

What the media isn’t saying is this data is already past due, and it is the Clinton camp that though not quite panicked, is deeply concerned over how the political landscape is so quickly changing beneath their very feet.

The Real Clear Politics polling average is what the Mainstream Media is now touting as evidence of the alleged Trump Slump. What these reports purposely neglect to inform readers is that polling data is already weeks old and almost none of it reflects the recent terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida.

Instead, that polling reflects millions of dollars in negative Trump advertising and a 24/7 media assault upon Mr. Trump’s response to a pending Trump University civil suit, (a relatively minor affair) and near-breathless coverage of staged protests at a number of Trump rallies while at the very same time, neglecting to fully cover the still-ongoing FBI investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s use of a private server and potential federal obstruction of justice charges and conspiracy charges, as well as Clinton’s financial ties to a myriad of outside the U.S. Muslim campaign contributors well known for their anti-women and anti-gay agendas.

Instead, the media focused on Mrs. Clinton’s “historic” clinching of the Democrat nomination, resulting in what is commonly referred to as a “good-will bump” in the political polling industry. Such bumps are often minor, and not sustainable. Given Mrs. Clinton’s own high negative ratings, this unsustainable trend will most likely be the case for her as well, and her campaign knows it.

Don’t believe anything the lame stream media is pushing.

Contrary to their reportage, this is a change election and only one candidate represents change.

It’s certainly not Hillary.

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