Former Reagan Official on Benghazi Report: Hillary Clinton Has “Blood on Her Hands” (VIDEO)

Former Reagan, Ford and Nixon White House and Pentagon official KT McFarland joined Happening Now this morning to discuss the House Republican Benghazi Report that was released today.

The report today revealed the Obama White House was scheming their lie that the attack was linked to a YouTube video during the attack on the consulate and CIA annex.

McFarland told FOX News: Hillary Clinton has blood on her hands.


“Here’s what really bothers me. Is that not only did she lie before, during and after. But, while Americans were still under attack, while we had already lost two and we were going to lose more, what was she doing? Not planning a rescue mission – She was busy spinning! I mean that’s blood on your hands. How are you not having your first concern, the safety of American citizens?

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