Figures. Fauxahontas Gets Caught Using Fake and Misleading Video in Anti-Trump Ad

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Senator Elizabeth Warren got caught using phony and misleading footage in her anti-Trump ad.

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The fake Indian used footage of a mixed family who are actually Trump supporters to attack Donald Trump.

Lifezette reported:


Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s latest anti-Trump campaign ad has one big problem: It features a man who is not anti-Trump at all. In fact, Michael Levin, pictured in the ad with his family, voted for Donald Trump in the Massachusetts primary.

The ad shows Levin and his family in two clips. “In the first, he’s helping his daughter strap on a bicycle helmet. In the second, Levin and his wife are shown gazing into the distance. Warren’s voiceover during the clips declares: ‘They pay their fair share,’” reported Fox News.

Levin told “Fox and Friends” Sunday that the “little girl you saw in that video actually came with me to the polls with her siblings to watch me vote for [Trump].”

The Warren campaign did not reach out to Levin to ask permission to use his family in the video (they appear about 2:30 in).

Levin speculates that they probably used their likeness because he is part of a mixed-race family. “I think the Warren people just googled ‘American Dream,’ found us, and said, ‘What a nice mixed-race couple. They’re probably sort of working-class people,'” said Levin.

** Here is the truth on Elizabeth Warren’s genealogy.

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