Figures. Bill Kristol’s Secret Third Party Candidate Is a Lesser-Known National Review Writer

Weekly Standard founder Bill Kristol promised to produce a viable third party “true conservative” candidate to take on Donald Trump.
First he suggested General Jim Mattis but that didn’t work out.
Then Kristol met with Mitt Romney. That didn’t work out either.

Over the Memorial Day weekend Bill Kristol once again threatened to run an independent candidate against Donald Trump.

Then he pushed subscriptions for his magazine.


On Tuesday Kristol announced his candidateDavid French – an elitist National Review writer.

Allahpundit was not very impressed.

This was who he had in mind with that much-hyped tweet this weekend that had everyone wondering if Romney had reconsidered? An … NRO writer? Trump fans are forever deriding #NeverTrump as a “movement” consisting of, like, six guys at National Review and the Weekly Standard. And now here we are.

Worse yet – When French was in Iraq he wouldn’t allow his wife to email men or use Facebook.

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