Elizabeth Warren Claims She’s Against Democrat Superdelegate System Then Admits She is One (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren face

Talk about speaking with a forked tongue.

At a Democratic Party event this weekend, Elizabeth Warren claimed she’s opposed to her party’s superdelegate system. She almost has to say this to show disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters that she’s on their side.

In the same sentence however, she admitted that she’s a superdelegate herself.


From Politico:

Warren: ‘I don’t believe in superdelegates’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said on Saturday that she doesn’t believe in her party’s superdelegate process.

“I’m a superdelegate, and I don’t believe in superdelegates,” Warren told reporters following the Massachusetts State Democratic Convention.

Warren’s comments came after the state party here voted on a resolution to “thoroughly, objectively, and transparently” study the superdelegate process ahead of the 2020 presidential race.

Warren said she agreed that the process should be scrutinized.

The Massachusetts senator, a leader of the party’s progressive wing, has conspicuously avoided backing either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. She said today she has “no timetable” for making an endorsement in the race.

Asked whether Sanders should leave the race next week, Warren demurred.

Watch her say it with a straight face:

Warren hasn’t endorsed a candidate in her party because she’s a coward.

If she endorsed Hillary, she’d anger Bernie supporters with whom she agrees philosophically. If she endorses Bernie, she’ll be seen as a traitor to feminists who want to see Hillary as the first woman president.

And with regard to the superdelegate thing… Who’s making her do it? If she hates the superdelegates, why has she agreed to be one?

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