Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren Now Rumored as Possible VP Pick for #CrookedHillary Clinton

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Massachusetts Senator and fake Native American Elizabeth Warren is being considered as a running mate for Hillary Clinton, according to new reports.

The idea is that Warren would excite Bernie Sanders supporters and unite them behind Clinton. However, if Warren leaves her senate position, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker could appoint a Republican to fill the vacancy and senate Democrats don’t want that.

The Hill reports:

Reid looking into replacing Warren if she’s Clinton’s VP: report

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is reviewing ways to keep Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) seat blue if she becomes vice president, according to The Boston Globe.

Warren is heavily rumored to be in the mix to be Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

But Massachusetts’s Republican governor, Charlie Baker, could appoint a GOP replacement for Warren, potentially jeopardizing the Democrats’ chances of winning control of the Seante.

“Reid sees a number of promising paths to making sure that Democrats keep Warren’s seat and is very open to her being selected,” a source told the Globe.

Reid reportedly commissioned a review of Massachusetts law by Washington, D.C., election law attorney Marc Elias.

Elias is also the general counsel for Clinton’s presidential bid, and has additionally previously advised Warren on legal matters.

The report said the analysis focused solely on Massachusetts, and Reid did not request a similar study of other states.

Former DNC chair Howard “The Scream” Dean isn’t a fan of the idea because he thinks Warren is too old for the job.

One other problem is that Hillary Clinton is the candidate of big banks and Wall Street, which Warren claims to detest. Would Warren sell her political soul to run with Hillary?

Finally, Warren has never been vetted on the national stage. If she ends up on the ticket, all sorts of things most Americans don’t know about her are going to come out.

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