DUMPED=> “Transgender For Trump” Facebook Page Is Suspended

make america great again trans

Rachel Francon is a transgender Donald Trump supporter.

Her facebook page “Transgender person in support of Trump” was recently suspended. Rachel said it came without any warning. She posted a link to a video news clip showing the imam in Florida advocating death to gays.

Rachel says she has been censored before.
This is what caused her first suspension — a photo of Rachel with gay Trump supporter Milo Yiannopoulos.
milo rachel


I was featured in the Milo story on Trannies for Trump. They first removed my post about that article and suspended me for three days .

One Group that was suspended was Genders United for Trump.

This week Rachel says they suspended her “Transgender person for Trump” Facebook page.

Rachel is very upset that her Facebook group was suspended.
She hopes to work with Facebook to resolve the matter.

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