DONALD TRUMP Blasts Hillary: I’m Much Better for Women Than She Is – I’m Much Better for Gays

Donald Trump told Sean Hannity tonight that he is much better for women and gays than Hillary Clinton. This comes after Zero Hedge reported today that Riyadh has provided 20 percent of the total funding to the prospective Democratic candidate’s campaign.

It is illegal in the United States for foreign countries to try to influence the outcome of elections by funding candidates.

hillary saudi king

A recent report indicated that people who come out online in Saudi Arabia could face the death penalty.

In 2005 gay men who were caught dancing like women at a private party in Saudi Arabia were sentenced to a total of 14,200 lashes.

Women have no rights in Saudi Arabia.

Tonight Donald Trump told Sean Hannity that he is much better with gays and women than Hillary Clinton.

Here’s a woman that takes all of this money from these countries and then she says she loves women and she’s totally with the gays and what ever group you might talk about, the gay and lesbian. Let me tell you something, Sean, how could she be?. They want to kill the gays they throw them off buildings. They actually throw gays off buildings. And she’s taking their money. And I’m calling for her to give the money back, all of the money she’s taken from these countries. I’m much better for women than she is. I’m much better with gays than she is.

Via Hannity:

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