Unhinged Democrat Lawmakers Promise More Guerilla Tactics to Come

Democrat lawmakers promised more radical demonstrations to come in the coming months following their sit-in protest on the House floor on Wednesday night for gun control.

They should have been cuffed and thrown in a paddy wagon. That would have stopped this illegal activity. Too bad Paul Ryan has no balls.
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Democrats promise to use radical tactics in their efforts to push gun control and pass a $15 minimum wage among other issues.
The Politico reported:

House Democrats’ 24-hour gun-control protest marks a turning point in Congress as a major escalation in minority battle tactics, lawmakers in both parties said Thursday — and a move that brings fundamental risks for the institution.

Already rank-and-file Democrats, energized by nationwide publicity and praise they received for occupying the House floor over demands for a gun vote, are saying they’ll likely use the same strategy again.

Connecticut Democrat Rosa DeLauro, for example, thinks a sit-in demonstration could force Republican leadership’s hands on what she called “economic justice issues,” like the minimum wage. And Maxine Waters of California said at the end of the protest Thursday that she would be ready to seize the House floor again over the gun matter when lawmakers return from their July 4 recess.

“It’s a new day in Washington; it’s a new way to fight,” said Democratic Caucus Vice Chairman Joe Crowley on the House floor in the wee hours of Thursday morning. The New York lawmaker elaborated in an interview on the House steps a few hours later: “The American people want and expect the House to do something, and they’re not just going to take silence anymore. We’re going to get in the way until we see action.”

The escalation of confrontation on the House floor is a risky gamble though. Privately, a number of more senior Democrats worry what this might mean for them if and when they seize back the House. They remember what it was like to be in the majority, and they fear Republicans someday could turn the tables and use the shut-down-the-House ploy against them — just as they did to Speaker Paul Ryan Wednesday.

The sit-in was mainly rank-and-file idea — Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her No. 2 Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) didn’t lead the effort or come up with the idea, although they joined the protesters on the floor and praised their colleagues.

The media wildly applauded the Democrat’s efforts but ignored a similar protest by Republicans in 2008.

Someone better notify the caterers.
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