Is #CrookedHillary HEALTHY Enough to Compete with Trump OR …? (VIDEO)

Hillary cough

Hillary Clinton may not be well enough to be president. Have you noticed she has a problem with recurring coughing fits? reports:

Hillary Clinton (#CrookedHillary), who has been prone to coughing on the campaign trail, had another bout Thursday in California.

“I am proud to be campaigning in California, and I am proud (cough) to have the support of so many unions, including the United Farmworkers,” she said.

(#Crooked) Clinton then started coughing repeatedly, as the crowd chanted her name in solidarity.

The Washington Post has compiled a helpful list of times that (#Crooked) Clinton has suffered a cough attack during the rigors of campaigning.

Is #CrookedHillary healthy enough to compete with Trump or is it just Huma’s fault? Or is it the HOT SAUCE?

(Image is a screen cap.)

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