OF COURSE: Hillary Clinton Gave Speech on Income Inequality Wearing a $12,495 Dollar Armani Jacket

Hillary Armani

Income inequality is a popular issue for many Democrats but you couldn’t pick a worse person to address the issue than Hillary Clinton.

She has circled the globe in recent years giving speeches to big banks and financial firms amassing a fortune of over $20 million dollars, not to mention the millions raised through the highly suspect Clinton Foundation.

The New York Post just reported that during a speech which included the topic of income inequality, Hillary was wearing an Armani jacket which cost over $12,000 dollars:

The surprising strategy behind Hillary Clinton’s designer wardrobe

Hillary Clinton’s New York primary victory speech in April focused on topics including income inequality, job creation and helping people secure their retirement. It was a clear attempt to position herself as an everywoman.

But an everywoman she is not — she gave the speech in a $12,495 Giorgio Armani tweed jacket.

The polished outfit was a stark contrast to the fashion choices Clinton has made in the past. As first lady, Clinton wore frumpy pastel skirtsuits. As New York senator and secretary of state, she attempted a more serious look, wearing pantsuits in a rainbow of colors — so mocked that they sparked memes. In comparison to Michelle Obama, who’s become known as a style icon during her time in the White House and appeared on the cover of Vogue twice, Clinton has never been able to nail down a personal aesthetic that works for her.

But now, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, whose dowdy and matronly style has haunted her throughout her entire political career, is making her first real effort to play the fashion card. She’s upgraded the designers she wears, opting for high-end European labels, and hired a team of image experts that includes former Michelle Obama aide Kristina Schake, who’s been tasked with shaping her style and making her more relatable. She’s even rumored to have “Veep” makeup artist Barbara Lacy on the payroll.

Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe may seem like a trivial matter but it’s not when the now presumptive Democrat nominee intends to make income inequality a pillar of her campaign.

The left will claim that any scrutiny of Hillary’s appearance is sexism. They should be reminded that they used this very issue against Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in 2008.

If it was OK to attack Palin on this basis, Hillary’s clothes are fair game.


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