Complete Video of Attack By #NeverTrump Thugs on ‘Trump 45’ Woman After San Jose Trump Rally

A video was posted to YouTube by ‘Lawyerman’ that shows the complete attack by a horde of Mexican flag waving #NeverTrump thugs on a woman wearing a ‘Trump 45’ jersey just outside a Marriott hotel in San Jose following a rally by presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Thursday.

The 2:59 video shows the mob advancing as the woman retreats toward to the main entrance of the Marriott. The woman is seen showing the mob she is not intimidated by gesturing to and showing off her ‘Trump 45’ jersey.

For that she was set upon by the angry mob. The man filming the mob fled after the first barrage but continued filming through the safety of the glass walls of the Marriott lobby.


The woman in the ‘Trump 45’ jersey approached the doors but was not let in even as she was pelted with eggs and the braying, Mexican-flag wielding mob inched ever closer to her. Security guards can be seen pulling the doors closed as she tries to get in. Even as she retreated, the woman defied the mob, not backing down in her support of Trump’s candidacy.

The woman moved to another door of the Marriott entrance where she was backed into a corner. After receiving more abuse, she was finally let in the lobby.

It is notable that no one attempted to protect the woman from the violent anti-Trump protesters. She showed more guts than any security man in uniform there or any other so-called man witnessing the attack.

After being let in, in a final act of defiance the woman gave the mob one more look at her ‘Trump 45’ jersey before being led away by a Marriott staffer.

The man who took the video explained his presence at the hotel.

“@DeeGee91 This is crazy! I just wanted to go to the AO pep rally and got stuck in my hotel because of Uber price surging and Trump protests.”

“My view of Trump protesters attacking a Trump supporter in San Jose.”

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