Communist Radical Angela Davis on Stopping Trump: ‘We have to do whatever is necessary’

Angela Davis wanted poster

Angela Davis is a radical left-wing communist who was once on the FBI’s most wanted list. Naturally, today she’s a college professor who’s celebrated by the left as a civil rights activist.

Given her violent past, isn’t it a cause for concern when she says ‘We have to do whatever is necessary’ to stop a Donald Trump presidency?

Fusion reported:

Angela Davis on defeating Trump: ‘We have to do whatever is necessary’

Activists around the world have long turned to Angela Davis for scholarly guidance when discussing systems of oppression and power.

This week in New York, the radical feminist activist issued a rallying cry to Americans: to avoid a Donald Trump presidency, “we have to do whatever is necessary.”

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Davis became a household name in 1969 when she was removed from her teaching post at the University of California Los Angeles for social justice work and her affiliation with the Communist Party. She made the F.B.I.’s Ten Most Wanted list on false charges soon after, starting the 1970s with a 16-month incarceration and trial that sparked an international campaign when the world demanded that the United States government “Free Angela Davis.”

Former California Governor Ronald Reagan swore then that the philosophy professor would never teach in the University of California system again.

Nine books and four decades later, a vocal Davis is now Distinguished Professor Emerita of History of Consciousness at U.C. Santa Cruz – an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program the likes of which are only possible because of the radical scholarship she laid as groundwork.

Frontpage Mag provides some background on Davis:

Who is Davis? She’s a Communist and a supporter of the Black Panther Party as well as homicidal British Black Power cult leader Michael X and the Soledad Brothers — who were acquitted of a prison guard’s murder in 1970.

That year, Davis was arrested and jailed for having bought the gun used in the Soledad Brothers’ escape attempt: an attack in open court in California, which led to a shootout with the police and resulted in the death or injury of six people. She was eventually found not guilty.

Davis has enjoyed massive support from the global left. When she was released from prison, she visited Cuba, then Russia, where she was awarded the Lenin Peace Prize. She spoke against racism in America and became a glamorized spokeswoman for Communism as a solution for black Americans and for oppressed people of color everywhere.

Just like Obama’s pal Bill Ayers, Angela Davis’ past has been rewritten by the left to transform her into an activist rather than what she is – a violent criminal.



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