CIA Director After ISIS Istanbul Massacre: Brexit More of a Threat Than ISIS (Video)

CIA Director John Brennan told reporters Wednesday that of all the crisis the European Union has faced in recent years, the UK’s vote to leave the EU may be its greatest challenge… Above ISIS.

Brennan made the comments the day after ISIS slaughtered 42 people at the Istanbul airport.
The Daily Caller reported, via Religion of Peace:

CIA Director John Brennan said Britain’s vote to leave is the biggest challenge facing the European Union in recent years, prioritizing consequences of the referendum vote over the threat of terror posed by the Islamic State as refugees from the Middle East continue to stream into the continent.

“Of all the crises the EU has faced in recent years, the UK vote to leave may well be it’s greatest challenge,” Brennan said during opening remarks at the Council on Foreign Relations Wednesday, citing the unprecedented uncertainty facing the union and increasing difficulty of decision making and consensus building.

“Brexit is pushing the EU into a period of introspection that will pervade virtually everything the EU does in the coming weeks months and even years ahead,” he said.

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