British Academics Hold ‘Equality Conference’ And BAN STRAIGHT WHITE MEN


Nothing says equality like banning one specific segment of society, right? Academia has become an Orwellian left-wing cesspool and this supposed ‘equality conference’ is a perfect example.

Heat Street reports:

Straight White Men Banned From Equality Conference

News that a university lecturers’ union has banned straight, white men from attending their equality conferences in a bid to create “safe spaces” is deeply depressing.

University and College Union equality conferences are held exclusively for women, LGBT, ethnic minorities or disabled people, and members must declare their “protected characteristic” when applying to attend.

Surely UCU can see the irony of hosting an equality conference where – as George Orwell wrote – some are more equal than others?

One cannot deny the privileges that straight, white men have in today’s society.

We live in a world where women effectively work for nothing from November 9 until December 31 because men in full-time work continue to earn 14 per cent more than their female counterparts.

Britain is a country where less than one in 10 CEOs are women in FTSE 100 companies.

Ethnic minorities are still underrepresented in parliament.

These are all issues which desperately need addressing.

However, excluding straight, white men from taking part in these conferences completely undermines their point.

How are people expected to tackle minority issues when, in the most crass manner, one of the root causes of that problem is specifically excluded from participating – as though it didn’t exist?

It is also incredibly ignorant to suggest that white men cannot – and don’t want to – fight for equality.

Maybe straight white men shold hold their own exclusive conference. Oh wait, that would be racist.


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