BREAKING=> New Damning Allegations of Hillary Beating Husband Bill Clinton in Violent Assault

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In April 2015 Kristinn Taylor reported on a new book by former White House staff members that Hillary Clinton violently attacked her husband President Bill Clinton in the White House residence on several occasions.

One attack on the President reportedly drew blood which required stitches that could have gotten Hillary Clinton serious prison time if it was reported to law enforcement at the time.

The political press so far is completely ignoring the idea that Hillary Clinton’s potential presidential candidacy could be sunk by her being a reputed spouse beater.

Now this…
Ex-Secret Service officer Gary Byrne claims in his new book, Crisis of Character, Hillary was ‘uncontrollable’ and occasionally ‘violent’ with Bill in the White House. Byrne says Hillary even gave Bill a black-eye during one violent assault in 1995.
The Daily Mail reported:

A former Secret Service officer who helped protect Hillary Clinton while she was in the White House charges in a new tell-all book that the former first lady had a ‘volcanic’ temper and occasionally got violent with her husband – and that a loud 1995 fight left the president with a black eye.

In the book, ‘Crisis of Character,’ former agency officer Gary Bryne, details arriving at work after a 1995 shouting-match that left a light blue vase ‘smashed to bits’ and Bill sporting a ‘real, live, put-a-steak-on-it black eye.’

Things got so bad that Secret Service agents had discussions about the possibility they might have to protect the president from his wife’s physical attacks, the New York Post reported in advance excerpts of the book.

‘Everyone on post that night’ couldn’t help but hear the fracas, according to early chapters posted online. It describes a big argument that ‘ended with a crash.’
Byrne writes that he saw the president at about 9 am after the fight.

‘I was well-accustomed to his allergy-prone puffy eyes,’ he writes. ‘But this was a shiner, a real, live, put-a-steak-on-it black eye. I was shocked.’

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