BREAKING: #NeverTrump Candidate David French Announces He Won’t Run For President

David French

David French, the National Review writer selected by Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard to run as the #NeverTrump presidential candidate has announced he will not run after all.

French made the announcement in a column published tonight at National Review:

I’m Not Running for President

Here is a sentence I never thought I’d type: After days of prayer, reflection, and serious study of the possibilities, I am not going to run as an independent candidate for president of the United States.

I gave it serious thought — as a pretty darn obscure lawyer, writer, and veteran — only because we live in historic times. Never before have both parties failed so spectacularly, producing two dishonest, deceitful candidates who should be disqualified from running for town council, much less leader of the free world.

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French goes on to criticize both Hillary and Trump.

He also thanks the people who have supported him in recent days.

French never had a chance of winning, he had already missed the deadline to appear on the ballot in Texas.

However, his decision not to run means he can’t be used as a wedge against Donald Trump.


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