Breaking=> Democrats Hold Sit-in on US House Floor to Ban Guns – Sing ‘We Shall Overcome’

Democrat lawmakers hijacked the House floor today in a protest to push gun control on law abiding Americans after the Orlando Islamist terrorist attack.

Goofy Elizabeth Warren was there.

Democrats started singing “We Shall Overcome.”


The Democrats were waving Rainbow signs – because taking guns from gays makes them safe.

CNN reported:

Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives are in a dramatic standoff over how to resolve a sit-in entering its 11th hour.

Democrats, led by civil rights icon John Lewis, took control of the chamber Wednesday morning demanding a vote on gun control legislation. But Republicans are resisting, saying they don’t want to give in to such protests tactics.

The tension exploded onto the floor just after 10 p.m. ET when Republican Speaker Paul Ryan gaveled the chamber into order to hold a procedural vote on an unrelated matter. An extraordinary scene unfolded as throngs of Democrats — some holding signs with the names of victims of gun violence — remained in the House well chanting “no bill, no break” and “shame shame shame.” They also sang the protest anthem “We Shall Overcome.”

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