Bill Maher Warns Audience: Brexit is ‘Harbinger’ of President Trump (Video)

Leftist Bill Maher warned his audience Friday night that the Brexit vote was a “harbinger” of a future President Trump.

The Daily Beast reported:

On Real Time Friday night, Bill Maher used the Brexit vote to predict that a President Donald Trump could be in our future.

Typically, Bill Maher begins his weekly Real Time show on HBO by telling his audience, “I know why you’re happy tonight” and then mentioning some positive news story that happened that week. This week, on the heels of the United Kingdom’s vote to “Brexit” the European Union, the host went with, “I guess you don’t have any money in the stock market.”

“The issue got hijacked by a bunch of anti-immigration isolationists who were obsessed with the idea that foreigners are stealing their jobs,” Maher said of the world-changing referendum. “Thank god something like that could never happen here.”

The point Maher was making, and would continue to push for the rest of his show, is that if the UK could be blindsided by its own people’s decision to “leave” then the same thing could happen here in America with Donald Trump. He may be trailing Hillary Clinton in most polls, but as the world learned this week, anything can happen.

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