AWFUL. Vile #BlackLivesMatter Racist Hijacks Orlando Vigil – Goes Off on Whites (VIDEO)

The University of Missouri held a vigil for the #Pulse Club Massacre victims on campus this week.

Unfortunately, a Black Lives Matter activist took over the microphone and started spewing racist insults at the white students on campus.
For some reason this is acceptable on campuses across the US today.
missou racist vigil

Total Frat Move reported:

On Monday, the University of Missouri held an on-campus vigil for the Orlando terrorist attacks. The tragedy touched everyone across America. In an effort to show support, the vigil at Mizzou was supposed to be a peaceful time, where everyone came together as a community.

Instead, a Mizzou race activist had to make it about race.

Just when you think Mizzou has fallen to the bottom of the barrel, they go out and do something like this. This chick just stomped all over what supposed to be a nice tribute to the 49 victims and their families who lost their loved ones. Instead, you had to make it about yourself. And the people who are cheering are just as bad as this self-centered girl.

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