Associated Press Warns Employees to Be Vigilant Over Threats From Bernie Supporters

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Bernie Sanders supporters are extremely angry at the Associated Press for calling the Democratic nomination for Hillary Clinton the night before the California primary.

As a result, the AP has received a lot of push back and is now warning its employees.

Poynter reports:

AP reminds employees to be vigilant after backlash from Sanders supporters

The Associated Press on Tuesday advised staffers to “practice situational awareness” at their bureaus and offices in the wake of social media pushback from supporters of Bernie Sanders who were angered by its decision to call the Democratic nomination for Hillary Clinton.

Danny Spriggs, the AP’s vice president for global security, notified employees that their colleagues were receiving incensed phone calls, emails and social media messages from Sanders backers but noted that the news cooperative hadn’t “received any specific security threats.”

Some AP staff have received angry communications in the form of emails, social media messages and phone calls. We have not received any specific security threats. If you need to respond to complaints, feel free to point the public to the statements on our blog as appropriate.

…It is always good to practice situational awareness around AP bureaus and offices.

Bernie supporters are lucky for one thing. They’re not being treated as terrorists by the lamestream media.

If Trump supporters were making AP employees feel unsafe, it’d be front page news.

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