ARSENAL OF WEAPONS with “Heavy War Weaponry” Evacuated Near German Mosque

weapons mosque
Gates of Vienna

German officials recovered an arsenal of weapons including “heavy war weaponry” from a vegetable market next to a holy mosque.
The Epoch Times reported (in German), via Vlad Tepes:

An arsenal of weapons of radical islamists was excavated in NRW, North Rhine Westphalia. The “Top secret assignment” took one week and brought heavy war arsenal to the surface. This is what Hessian delegate Ismail Tipi (CDU) says.

According to information of the hessian CDU delegate Ismail Tipi a “top secret assignment” of the SEK in North Rhine Westphalia took place. In the cooler room of a vegetable vendor near a mosque, weapons were found and seized. “According to my information at this particular operation, an arsenal with heavy war weaponry was found.

The danger of arming of the fundamentalists and willing to resort to violence salafists in Germany is very high. This was shown clearly by this secret operation”, said Tipi on Friday at a press conference.

The Extremism expert also assumes that more weapons stocking took place in other cities. For instance the Hamburg intelligence service for constitutional protection also speaks of a heightened number of supporters of armed jihad.

In the meantime more than 300 people in Hamburg have been identified as supporters of armed jihad. The fear is that salafist sleepers, jihadists and IS terrorists in Germany find support through foreign intelligence services, that aren’t friendly to German interests. Through these weapons arsenals militant jihadists and sleepers will be equipped with weapons in their preparations for attacks”, the turkish born delegate says.

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