Apple Won’t Aid GOP Convention Over Trump – But Promotes Business In Countries Where They Kill Gays

Apple told Republican leaders it will not provide funding or support to the 2016 national convention in Cleveland due to Donald Trump’s comments on women, illegal immigrants and minorities(?)

tim cook

According to Politico Apple decided against donating technology or cash to the effort, according to two sources familiar with the iPhone maker’s plans. The tech giant previously has backed both parties’ conventions.

Apple joins a short list of companies opposing Donald Trump.


Apple joins a short list of tech companies taking a stand directly against Trump. Under pressure from activists at, HP Inc., a major donor to the GOP convention in 2012, announced in June it would not help fund the convention in Cleveland.

Apple may disagree with Donald Trump’s words but the company has no problem doing business in countries where they execute gays and openly discriminate against women.

Via the Apple website:
apple country
Four of the ten countries where they kill gays are on this Apple list:
– Uganda
– Nigeria
– Qatar
– Saudi Arabia

If Apple was as principled as they pretend to be they might start speaking out for persecuted women and gays and leave Donald Trump alone.

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