AMAZING! Obama Perfectly Described Omar Mateen’s M.O. Eleven Days Before Orlando Terror Attack

President Barack Obama described the modus operandi of Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen eleven days before the June 12 Orlando terror attack on a gay night club with stunning accuracy at a PBS town hall meeting in Elkhart, Indiana on June 1 hosted by Gwen Ifill.

Obama made the statement in an unaired portion of the town hall released the following day, June 2, by PBS and cross-posted to YouTube where the video has nearly one million views.

Mateen was a U.S. citizen born in New York who was known to the FBI as an Islamic terrorist sympathizer but was legally allowed to buy the firearms used in the terror massacre just days after Obama described his M.O. Mateen made statements of allegiance to ISIS in phone calls placed during the terror attack to the media and law enforcement.

Transcript via PBS:

I just came from a meeting today in the Situation Room in which I got people who we know have been on ISIL Web sites, living here in the United States, U.S. citizens, and we’re allowed to put them on the no-fly list when it comes to airlines, but because of the National Rifle Association, I cannot prohibit those people from buying a gun.

This is somebody who is a known ISIL sympathizer. And if he wants to walk in to a gun store or a gun show right now and buy as much — as many weapons and ammo as he can, nothing’s prohibiting him from doing that, even though the FBI knows who that person is.”

The day after the Orlando terror attack, the Daily Beast detailed Mateen’s purchases of the weapons and ammunition used in the attack exactly as Obama has predicted.

…The source further reports that Mateen had purchased a Sig Sauer .223 caliber assault rifle at a firearms shop near his Florida home, St. Lucie Gun Sales, on June 4 and then a Glock 17 at the same store on June 5. Mateen had returned to the store a third time on June 9 to buy magazines for his weapons. The store is a federally licensed firearms dealer. Under law, the seller would have had to notify the Federal Bureau of Investigation of Mateen’s purchase so that his name could be checked against the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS.

Mateen was actually listed on two federal watch lists, a U.S. official tells The Daily Beast: The Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment, which contains classified information, and the Terrorist Screening Database, which is the FBI’s central watchlist. The gun background check would have run Mateen’s name against that second database, but he had been removed from it in 2014. The sales were approved and early Sunday morning he used the weapons to fire round after round after round at defenseless people at the Pulse nightclub. Mateen left a third weapon, a revolver capable of firing only a mere six shots, in his van.”

The liberal media reported on Obama’s statement in sympathy with his political posturing on gun control.

But the media did not attempt to inquire who specifically Obama was talking about and what was done or is being done about the ‘ISIL sympathizer’ (and others) who is deemed enough of a threat to be brought to the attention of the president of the United States by his national security team in a briefing in the ultra-secure White House Situation Room.

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