Highway Sign Near Dallas Hacked to Say, “Hillary for Prison”

hillary for prison sign

A highway sign was hacked near Dallas this weekend to read, “Hillary for Prison.”
The Scoop Blog reported:

Hillary Clinton is the latest figure targeted by highway-sign hackers in Dallas.

Fox 4 News reported Saturday that a lighted sign along Interstate 30 between Hampton Road and Sylvan Avenue was changed to read, “Hillary for Prison.” (The hacker spelled everything right, but whoever labeled the image for Fox 4 stuck an extra “r” in prison.)

The sign’s message alternately said, “Free Barrett Brown,” a reference to the Dallas writer with ties to the “hacktivist” collective Anonymous.

Brown, 34, is serving 63 months in federal prison for an array of crimes stemming from the FBI’s investigation into the release of millions of emails hacked from a private intelligence contractor in Austin.

Altering the messages of highway signs appears to have become a popular pastime for mischievous hackers in the Dallas area.

Last week, a sign on Cedar Springs Road was changed to read, “Gorilla deserved it,” an apparent reference to the killing of a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo after a 4-year-old fell into the animal’s enclosure.

Hillary 2016 – Prison or POTUS
hillary prison or potus

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