WOW! Watch New Hampshire Lawmaker and Veteran BLAST Press for Smearing Trump on Veterans Donations (VIDEO)

Al Baldasaro, a New Hampshire State Representative and veteran, attended Donald Trump’s press conference today on his $5.6 million donations to veterans.

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The media lashed out at Donald Trump for several minutes on his donations to veterans. At that point Donald Trump turned the microphone over to Al Baldasaro who ripped the press for their dishonest and biased coverage against Trump.

He gave 100% . The liberal media is the only ones calling me on the foundation… Stop using veterans as political pawns! You have a guy outside like McCoy. Go do a Google search on him. His picture is with Clinton. It must stop! You’re not looking at the 22 veterans who are killing themselves every day. I think the liberal media need to get your head out of your but and focua on the real issues.

This was powerful.

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