Wealthy Swiss Village Pays Massive Fine Instead of TAKING 10 REFUGEES


Some countries in Europe are paying subsidies to communities that take a certain number of refugees and fining those that don’t. The Swiss village of Oberwil-Lieli, which is very wealthy, opted for the fine.

The Independent reports:

Super-rich Swiss village opts for £200,000 fine instead of accepting 10 refugees

A Swiss village, one of the wealthiest in Europe, has refused to take in its government imposed quota of asylum seekers, voting to pay a fine of £200,000 instead.

The residents of Oberwil-Lieli, where there are 300 millionaires among a population of 2,200, voted “no” in a referendum over whether to accept just 10 refugees.

Swiss government proposals had outlined a quota across its 26 counties in order deliver on promise to take 50,000 asylum seekers across the country, but Oberwil-Lieli voted by 52 per cent to 48 to reject the refugees.

One resident of the village told MailOnline: “We do not want them here it is as simple as that.

“We have worked hard all our lives and have a lovely village that we do not want it spoiled. We are not suited to take in refugees. They would not fit in here.”

When they put it that way, can you blame them?



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