Watch Far Left Van Jones Warn Democrats That DONALD TRUMP CAN WIN (VIDEO)

Van Jones

Former Obama “Green Jobs Czar” turned CNN analyst Van Jones recently made a video in which he warns the Democrats that Donald Trump can win the presidency this fall.

Red Alert Politics reported:

Van Jones’ unexpected warning to Dems about Trump and the black vote [VIDEO]

CNN contributor and former Obama aide Van Jones put out a warning to his fellow Democrats on Friday: Donald Trump is probably going to win the White House.

In the Facebook video, Jones credited Trump’s ability to understand and use social media and reality television as well as his appeal to black voters as reasons he will likely win the White House in November.

Jones likened Trump to Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama in the sense that they all excelled in a new medium that no other politician could easily master.

“Just like FDR changed the rules of the game because he mastered radio, he was able to take radio and just completely master that — then you had JFK and JFK was able to master television — new medium, new master, new president,” Jones said.

“The same thing is happening with Trump,” he continued. “It’s a new media era, the era of social media, especially Twitter and reality television.”

He continued to detail how Trump has been able to use his celebrity to appeal to parts of the Democratic base, especially black voters.

Watch the whole thing:


He sounds completely panicked. Isn’t that great?

(Image is a screen cap.)

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