VIDEO=> West Virginia Coal Miner Is Voting Trump After Democrats Promise to Kill Off Jobs

West Virginia coal miners say they will vote for Donald Trump after Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders both promise to kill coal jobs.

jordan bridges

In 2009 there were 384 active coal mines in West Virginia.
After six years of tyrant Obama in 2014 there were only 191 active coal mines remaining.

Coal miner Jordan Bridges told FOX News he is voting for Donald Trump.


Let’s put it this way. Hillary Clinton says she’s going to shut you down. Bernie Sanders says the same thing. Then you got Donald Trump saying we’re going to put you back to work. We’re going to save your jobs. I men that means a whole lot to us. Whether it’s true or not, the man is the first one who says we’re going to put you back to work. So I’m going to support him. I mean if he goes back on his word, we got another election if four years, we’ll vote him out.

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