VIDEO=> TRUMP Blasts “Loser” Bill Kristol for Trying to Start Third Party

Donald Trump laid into Bill Kristol, founder of The Weekly Standard, on Wednesday afternoon at the campaign rally in Anaheim, California.

trump loser kristol
Even the audience flashed the “loser” sign when Trump was talking about Bill Kristol.

Donald Trump blasted “Loser” Bill Kristol for trying to start a third party to take him down and give Hillary Clinton the election.

“I shouldn’t even do this because I’m building up his name. He’s a real lightweight. his name is Bill Kristol. From day one, this poor guy, this poor guy. Why do you keep potting this guy on television who’s proven to be wrong so many times… I watch him and he’s saying, “We’re looking for another candidate. We’re looking. We’re looking.” He’s sweating… He’s been doing this for like nine months. He can’t find anybody. What a loser!”

In March Bill Kristol, the founder of the conservative Weekly Standard magazine, said he would rather see Hillary Clinton win than Donald Trump.

In early May Kristol met with Trump-basher Mitt Romney to urge him to run third party against Donald Trump.

Today Trump bashed Bill Kristol.

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