VIDEO=> Ted Cruz GOES OFF – Refuses to Say If He’ll Support Trump When He’s Nominee

Ted Cruz went on five Sunday shows this morning in a last ditch effort to save his faltering campaign.
lyin ted

The former Canadian repeatedly refused to say if he’ll support Trump when he becomes the nominee.

Chuck Todd: Are you going to support him? Can you support him? Will you tell your delegates, lay down your arms and support Donald Trump?

Ted Cruz: I recognize that many in the media would love for me to surrender to Donald Trump.

Chuck Todd: It’s not the media. It’s about the numbers. Republican voters are rejecting you. This is not a media conspiracy, Senator.

Ted Cruz: Actually, with all due respect the media has given two billion dollars of free advertising to Donald…

Chuck Todd: Why won’t you answer that question?

Ted then told Todd, “We’re going to beat Donald.”


Trump is ahead by 15 points in Indiana.

Via Meet the Press:

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