NEWT GINGRICH: ALL 50 STATES IN PLAY If Trump Runs General Like Primary (VIDEO)

NEWT GINGRICH: ALL 50 STATES IN PLAY If Trump Runs General Like Primary–

Newt Gingrich took time out today to discuss the Indiana primary election on Tuesday.

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Newt says Indiana will be Senator Cruz’s last stand:

For Cruz, it really is the last stand. It’s as if the Alamo had moved north. If he can’t win tomorrow he has no practical case for carrying on the campaign… If he can’t win indiana it’s pretty hard to see him with any possibility of stopping Trump. “

Newt then said something that ought to TERRIFY Democrats.


Hillary Clinton represents all of the elements of Washington DC that people are in rebellion against… I think a lot of the millennials who were voting for Bernie Sanders are not going to vote for Hillary Clinton. I think they think she’s not honest. I think they’re bothered by her scandals with the Clinton Foundation, her scandals with her email server… There’ll be a lot of Democrats out there looking for someone to go to. In addition, Trump has somehow communicated with blue collar workers across America and we certainly see this in terms of registration numbers… We’ve had a 60% increase in Republican turnout this year compared to four years ago. There’s been about a 30% Democrat turnout decrease over 2008, the last time they had a contested nomination… Secretary Clinton is not exactly rousing people’s excitement…

I think it’s important this year because of the unique moment in time and because of the uniqueness of Donald Trump to erase all of our thinking about what kind of states could be in play. I think if Trump runs as aggressive campaign in the general election as he has done in the primaries all 50 states could be in play.

Newt posted his take on Facebook:

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