UNREAL. Paul Ryan Fundraising Letter Warns About a Hillary Presidency …But He Still Won’t Endorse Trump

Speaker Paul Ryan sent out a fundraising letter today telling supporters Hillary will cause “irreparable harm” to the country.

But it’s been three weeks since Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination for president.
And Paul Ryan has not yet endorsed the GOP candidate for president.

He says he’s just not ready yet.


But today’s he’s warning Republicans about Hillary Clinton.

Here is is fundraising letter.


Hillary Clinton will stop at nothing to become the next president of the United States.
She will say anything. She will do anything.

But you know what’s even worse? If Hillary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi are in power at the same time.
They would cause irreparable harm to our great country.
As of right now, the only thing that could stop them is the decision you make today.
You see, this week is one of the most important of the entire election.In the final days before the May FEC deadline, we’re in big trouble if we don’t do better than we did last month.

Nancy Pelosi raised $3.3 million more than House Republicans last month – putting our majority in Congress in serious jeopardy.
Now is the time to unite to stop Pelosi and Hillary from obtaining their one goal: a complete liberal takeover of our government.
That’s why I hope you will join me and help keep our majority in Congress.

Can I count on you again to pitch in before Tuesday’s FEC deadline?

Pitch in $25 immediately >>>
Pitch in $50 immediately >>>
Pitch in $100 immediately >>>
Pitch in $250 immediately >>>

Your support will allow us to help conservative candidates in the most competitive districts across the nation.

If you’re ready to fight against a third Obama term, then use this secure link to pitch in today:

Defeat Liberal Democrats (Not Home)

Speaker Paul D. Ryan

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