UH OH: Angry Bernie Sanders Supporters Plan To OCCUPY THE DNC (VIDEO)

Occupy DNC

It’s a well established fact that Bernie Sanders is the preferred candidate of the Occupy Wall Street movement so it’s no surprise that his supporters are planning to occupy the Democratic National Convention.

From their Facebook page:

WELCOME! EVERYONE check out FILES (under cover photo) and EVENTS to get up to speed and organize in YOUR STATE and here. Everything you need to know is there (rides/house sharing with people in your state, event details, helping, etc.). WE’RE READY TO GO! Our goal is 50,000 new members ASAP and 1 MILLION STRONG TO THE CONVENTION! Everyone add as many Bernie supporters as you can to make this happen — nothing more important than 1 Million strong!

The Democratic Party, which used to just love the Occupy movement, isn’t too happy about this.


It looks like the Democrat convention is going to be a hot mess.



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