TRUMP Thumps HILLARY: She Is So Ill-Equipped to be President. What She Said Is So Dumb (VIDEO)

Donald Trump joined FOX and Friends Friday morning after the disappearance of the Egyptair flight from Paris to Cairo.
Officials have still not located the plane nor do they know what happened to the doomed flight although they suspect terrorism.

Trump attacked ‘Crooked Hillary’ on Twitter before the show today.
Donald said four more years of Obama’s failed policies and our country will never come back.

And, Hillary has ‘no chance’ of improving the ISIS situation.

Trump went after Hillary Clinton on ISIS.

Steve Doocy: Mr. Trump, yesterday Hillary said over on another channel, she said your proposal to ban Muslims promotes terrorism.

Donald Trump: Yeah, is that the dumbest thing you ever heard? I mean, to me it’s one of the dumbest statements I ever heard. I mean, she is so ill equipped to be the president… I just think it’s absolutely dumb. In fact, if anything, it’s just the opposite because they’re going to have to learn that we can’t take this anymore. And they’re gonna have to turn in the people that are bombing the planes. And they know who the people are. And, we’re not going to find the people by just continuing to be so nice and so soft… And what she said is so dumb.

Via FOX and Friends:

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