VIDEO=> TRUMP Blasts Stephanopoulos: I Know Clinton Is a ‘Good Friend’ of Yours… You Don’t Reveal It

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump went on with former Clinton advisor George Stephanopoulos on Friday morning.

stephanopoulos trump

During the interview Stephanopoulos asked Trump to release his tax returns. That’s when Trump snapped back, “It’s none of your business.”

When George continued to push Trump on his reluctance to release the documents so Democrats could scour the pages for possible hit pieces, Trump fired back:


George Stephanopoulos: You said you’d release your tax returns when Hillary has turned over all of the emails in her possession.

Donald Trump: She didn’t turn them over. There are plenty missing. I read yesterday where there are a lot of emails missing. I know she’s a good friend of yours and I know that you worked for her and you didn’t reveal it but you know she did not turn over her emails. There are a lot of emails missing.

Stephanopoulos: There are emails from her staffers missing. She turned over all of her emails.

Trump: There are emails missing all over the place.

Trump is right.
Hillary deleted 30,000 emails telling officials they were her personal correspondence.

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