Call Off the Coronation=> Hillary Gets Rolled by Sanders

Guest Post by Joe Hoft

Donald Trump has wrapped up the Republican nomination for President but Hillary is getting steamrolled by Socialist Bernie Sanders.

Sanders won his second primary in a row and is on a roll. Per a review of the results of elections to date of the final four candidates, Trump outshines them all.


Delegate Count 5-11 Rep and Dem

Trump has more primary wins (26), more overall state wins (29), the highest percentage of primary wins (87% ), the highest percent of overall state wins (71% ), the highest percent of primary delegates (74% ), the highest percent of overall delegates (67% ), and the highest percentage of votes (60% ) than the other top three candidates.

(This data above is obtained from the website. Caucus wins for Cruz in Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota, Sanders in Maine, Alaska and Washington and Hillary in Iowa and Nevada were added to the results. These states show no winners currently in the RCP data. If these caucus wins were not added to the data, Trump would be even further ahead in the areas mentioned above.)

To date, the Democratic race is much tighter than the Republican race based on wins and delegates. (However, the Democrats also have super delegates which are highly in Hillary’s favor at 523 to 39 for Sanders).

Although Bernie was mathematically eliminated a few weeks ago, he now has beaten Hillary Clinton for the second week in a row in a primary.

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