Trump on Jeb Bush Skipping Convention: “I Actually Think I’ll Gain Votes” (VIDEO)

Donald Trump was not upset about Jeb Bush’s announcement that he would skip the GOP convention in Cleveland. Trump told supporters in Washington State on Saturday, “I actually think I’ll gain votes.”
trump jeb convention

Donald Trump: I don’t like when a Jeb Bush, who signs a pledge, doesn’t honor the pledge… And then he says, “No, I’m not going to honor the pledge.” I mean, they signed the pledge. And I’m the one they wanted to sign it… I’m not a fan of Jeb and he said he was not going to come to the convention. Who cares? You know how many votes I’m gonna lose because of Jeb not coming to the convention? I actually think I’ll gane votes.

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

Jeb Bush promised to support the Republican nominee – and he signed a pledge.


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