Soldiers In The Socialist Paradise of Venezuela ARE NOW STEALING GOATS


Life in the socialist utopia of Venezuela has gotten so bad that soldiers are stealing goats to survive. These are members of the military who you would presume get three square meals a day. Apparently not.

CNBC reports:

How bad is it in Venezuela? Soldiers are stealing goats

The situation in Venezuela has become so bad that even soldiers are struggling to support themselves.

Over the weekend, six members of the Venezuelan military were detained by local authorities for stealing goats, the Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional reported Sunday. It said the soldiers confessed to stealing the goats and said they did it to feed themselves, since they had no food left in their barracks.

“It’s not a good sign when your military doesn’t have enough food, and when the military has been relegated to guarding and protecting food lines,” said Jason Marczak, director of the Latin America Economic Growth Initiative at the Atlantic Council. “This is endemic of the problems going on across the country.”

Venezuela has been hard hit by food shortages, a dizzying inflation rate of about 181 percent and a collapse in the price of oil — its most critical export.

Do you think anyone in the media will ask Bernie Sanders for comment?

Don’t count on it.



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