Senator Barbara Boxer Claims Bernie Supporters MADE HER FEAR FOR HER LIFE (VIDEO)

Barbara Boxer CNN

Senator Barbara Boxer was booed off stage as all hell broke loose at the Nevada Democratic Convention last weekend. She also claims that Bernie Sanders supporters were so unhinged that she feared for her life.

CNN reports:

Earlier Wednesday, California’s other Democratic senator, Barbara Boxer, said Sanders supporters should attempt “to change the primary process, but not to go out there and throw chairs and to put people’s lives in danger because the democratic process as put forward and ratified by the two parties is being carried out.”

Boxer said she felt threatened after outbursts and threats at the Nevada Democratic Convention from supporters of Sanders over the weekend.

“I feared for my safety and I had a lot of security around me,” she told CNN’s Kate Bolduan on “At This Hour.” “I’ve never had anything like this happen.”

After Sanders supporters thought the Nevada Democratic Convention was being shut down prematurely, shouting ensued and there were reports of chairs being thrown. The phone number and address of the chairwoman of the Nevada Democratic Party, Roberta Lange, was posted on social media — prompting a flood of more than 1,000 calls, angry voicemails, text messages and even death threats.

“It was a scary situation,” said Boxer, a Clinton supporter. “It was frightening. I was on the stage. People were six feet away from me. If I didn’t have a lot of security, I don’t know what would have happened.”

Watch the video:

Democrats didn’t seem to mind when Bernie supporters would show up and cause trouble like this at Trump rallies.

Now that it has happened to them, it’s a matter of national security.



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