Sean Hannity: I Think High Ranking Republicans are Sabotaging Donald Trump’s Efforts (VIDEO)

On Thursday Republican Speaker Paul Ryan told Jake Tapper on CNN he was “not ready” to endorse Donald Trump yet.
ryan disses trump

Tonight Sean Hannity went off on Paul Ryan after his remarks on Donald Trump, “I’m thinking we need a new Speaker.”

Hannity also accused the GOP elites of collusion against Donald Trump.


Sean Hannity: The numbers are amazing and what the people are saying is what you’re doing is failing. And, we’re angry that you supported that agenda of Obama and never stood up to it because you care more about your own power. Here’s where I think though it’s going to go. I think it’s deeper than that. I think this war goes as high as high ranking Republicans sabotaging Donald Trump’s effort.

Laura Ingraham: Oh yeah. I think they are either going to sabotage his efforts or they’re trying to almost extort him to change his mind. Or to choose his vice president.

Via Hannity:

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