San Franciscans Ready To Flee Liberal City Over CRIME POVERTY AND HOMELESS PROBLEM

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San Francisco is a city of liberals that’s run by liberals, yet up to 34% of residents are ready to leave because the cost of living is extremely high and there’s a huge crime problem.

If only there was a way they could blame it on Republicans.

CNBC reports:

Survey says: 34 percent of Bay Area residents are ready to leave

Residents of the California’s Bay Area are eyeing the exits.

Some 34 percent of San Francisco-area residents are considering leaving because of high housing costs and traffic, according to a survey by the Bay Area Council.

“We can whine about this, or we can win by solving our traffic and housing problems,” Carl Guardino, president of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, told The Mercury News. “The last time the Bay Area had seemingly solved its traffic problems was the worldwide recession of 2008. A recession is not how we want to solve our traffic and housing problems.”

People who have lived in the area for five years or less are those most likely to start packing their bags, according to the report. San Franciscans with lower income and those putting more of their income toward housing expenses were also listed among those prepared to leave.

Residents noted that the most serious problems facing the Bay Area included high cost of living, poverty and income inequality, crime rates and homelessness.

San Francisco is a city where liberals have gotten everything they ever wanted.

So how can there be so many problems?


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