Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Fear Trump-Crazy Bernie Debate Because the “Mask Will Be Off” on Their Real Agenda

bernie trump debate

Rush Limbaugh spoke about Donald Trump’s brilliant idea to debate Socialist Bernie Sanders on live TV. Rush says it scares the hell out of Democrats because “the mask will be off” if Crazy Bernie goes on national TV and reveals what the Democratic Party is all about.
The Rush Limbaugh Show reported:

I’m here to tell you, folks, that the reason why there is such panic and palpable fear on the Democrat side that this may actually happen, they are afraid the public is going to end up seeing the real Democrat agenda, with the mask off and with no camouflage, if they put Bernie out there. I mean, Hillary’s a radical socialist, too, but she knows how to cover it up. She knows how to hide it. She knows how to mask it. She knows how to camouflage it. She’s much better at that. So was Slick Willie. Obama is good at hiding it. Crazy Bernie doesn’t even try to.

Crazy Bernie is just pedal-to-the-metal, testicles to the wall as far as he can go on this, and nobody has seen it. This is the most exciting guy in the Democrat Party. That’s why they’re worried, folks. Remember, Democrat Party, it’s as true today as it was 27 years when I started this program. They cannot win national elections by being honest about their intentions.

Just to reillustrate. If Barack Obama told everybody what was gonna happen to the national debt before he ran for office as part of his campaign, he wouldn’t have gotten elected. If he had explained exactly what was going to happen with the passage of Obamacare, he would not have been elected. He had to lie (paraphrasing), “If you like your doctor, you get to keep your doctor. Like your plan, get to keep your plan, premiums coming down $2,500.” They have to lie about their intentions and they have to lie about the outcome, the results.

Crazy Bernie doesn’t. Crazy Bernie’s out there proudly, happily shouting all of this crazy, left-wing socialism stuff. Somebody asked him, “Crazy Bernie, how do you explain Venezuela?” He didn’t want to go there. You know, when you ask an avowed socialist about any avowed socialist failure, you either don’t get an answer or you get some derivative, “Well, you know, they didn’t have enough money. Well, you know, the right people weren’t in charge. I’m the right people. We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for,” something like that.

But he was asked about Venezuela, the other South American countries that are falling apart by Univision, of all people, that’s who asked him, and his response was in effect to tell ’em to shut up. He said he wants ’em to concentrate on his campaign, as if the real-life effect of radical socialism doesn’t have a bearing on the campaign of a radical socialist.

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