RNC Chairman: Trump Puts Several States Including Michigan Into Play

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus told reporters on Friday that candidate Donald Trump puts several blue states into play including Michigan, Minnesota and Iowa.
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Trump has promised several times to reshape the political map.

The Hill reported:


Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Friday said Donald Trump can expand the electoral map in November, winning important swing states and putting solid-blue states in play.

Asked at a Politico breakfast which states the presumptive GOP presidential nominee could win that Mitt Romney lost in 2012, Priebus named Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania and Iowa.

And he added that Trump could put Michigan and Minnesota in play.

Minnesota has voted for the Democratic candidate in each of the last 10 presidential elections, while Michigan last backed a Republican presidential candidate in 1988.

Trump himself has long promised to expand the electoral map, specifically pointing at Michigan as one state that he’s targeting.

“If someone ever won New York, it totally changes the map, and I think we’ll win New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida,” Trump said during an Indiana rally last month.

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