Protesters Think Trump Is Hitler Reincarnated, Threaten Assassination

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 12.44.06 AMAs The Donald made an appearance in Eugene, OR, the VidMax cameras took to interviewing some of the anti Trump protesters. They make direct comparisons between Trump and Hitler, with another reference to Mussolini. One protester wants to literally shoot Donald Trump, and says she hopes someone does! A Hillary supporter says she’ll move to Norway if Trump gets elected.

“They shot Ronald Reagan” says one woman, “Why don’t they shoot this guy? I’m a chickensh*t, I’m not gunna shoot him, I would like to shoot him, just cause he’s a pompous ass.” One man with an IWW hat (International Workers Of The World, one of the most radical labor unions) says “He’s proposing Hitler’s initial plan of expelling people he doesn’t like. We already know what the final solution is. There’s no ideological force that’s stopping him, there’s no ethical force that seems to compel him. There’s no reason why he would stop at any point.” Meanwhile, the woman who wants to shoot him says Trump will go down in history as being worse than Hitler.

Meanwhile, the protest featured anti Trump communists berating a pro Trump Latino family with their children, communist hammer-and-sickle flags, red and black anarchist flags, antifa and anarchists in masks, pushing and shoving with near fights breaking out, Mexican flags, signs that say “Make America Aztlan Again”, and much more madness.

Also spotted in the protest was Triggly Puff’s long lost twin sister.

But all hope is not lost. Amongst the chaos was this young man, a Latino who is apparently pro Trump who was stating his case to the protesters, talking about how his family came to America the legal way and that the cheaters shouldn’t be given amnesty.

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