Paul Ryan’s Opponent Paul Nehlen Endorsed Trump 11 Days Ago – Paul Ryan Still Thinking About It

On Tuesday May 3rd, Donald Trump won the Republican nomination for president when Senator Ted Cruz dropped out of the race after the Indiana primary.

On Thursday May 5th, Paul Ryan told reporters he was not yet ready to endorse Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.
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Paul Ryan’s primary opponent Paul Nehlen released a statement endorsing Donald Trump on May 6th:

“If Ryan was even vaguely interested in the will of the people, rather than his own agenda and self-advancement, he’d find a way to work with the choice of the people.

“This is a classic example of Paul Ryan saying one thing and doing another. He wants us to believe he’s the great unifier, but his actions reveal him as the great divider. It isn’t the will of the people to engage in secret shenanigans. It isn’t the will of the people to parachute in at the eleventh hour a GOP hand-selected candidate that they had nothing to do with selecting. There is already a candidate out there who campaigned, who got voters on board, who won Republican delegates.

“If Mr. Trump is the nominee, I will support that decision, because it will have been the will of the voters that got him there.”

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Paul Nehlen endorse the GOP nominee 11 days ago.
Paul Ryan is still thinking about it.

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